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Online Courses for College Credit

If your campus and job plans are on hold, make the most of your time
by taking our transfer-friendly online courses for college credit.

Earn college credits in as little as 8 weeks.

Whether you’re a student or already progressing in a career, circumstances can change. Perhaps you’ve had to pause your educational journey or are just unsure if higher education is right for you. Taking individual online courses can be a good way to keep the momentum going in the pursuit of your degree or to get a feel for college.

With low costs and no long-term commitment, taking individual online courses for college credit can help you catch up on your course requirements or take the next step in finishing your degree.

If you’re a working professional seeking your next job opportunity, you’ll likely find that there’s no longer one path to the next job. Taking individual online courses can help you learn specific skills to help prove to your employer, or potential employer, that you have skills in particular areas.

More than 200 course options

Choose from more than 200 transfer-friendly classes, and in as little as 8 weeks, earn college credits that could be applied toward a degree at 新黄金城xhjc官方网站 or another university.

Develop your passion for numbers and problem-solving into a broad base of mathematical knowledge with 新黄金城xhjc官方网站’s math courses, including Applied Statistics. Consider a psychology course to understand psychological principles and develop insight into human thought and behaviors. Other popular courses include English Composition, Financial Accounting and Calculus.

Individual online courses start soon

Undergraduate Term starts 08/29/22

  • Individual 3-credit undergraduate classes cost $960 ($320 per credit)
  • 8-week terms

Graduate Term starts 08/22/22

  • individual 3-credit graduate classes cost $1,881 ($627 per credit)
  • 10-week terms

Please note that financial aid is not available for students taking individual courses only. Learn more about tuition.

Why take individual online courses?

Catch Up or Get Ahead

Catch Up or Get Ahead

By taking transfer-friendly online courses now, you may be able to lighten your course load required by your degree program at 新黄金城xhjc官方网站 or another university.

Transfer Your Credits

Transfer Your Credits

Course credits may be transferred to a degree program at 新黄金城xhjc官方网站 or another university, depending on your program’s transfer policy.

Check your degree program’s transfer policy to see how many 新黄金城xhjc官方网站 online course credits are transferrable.
Upskill for Career Moves

Upskill for Career Moves

For moving up the ladder or changing fields entirely, new skills can help make you more marketable.

新黄金城xhjc官方网站 makes it easy to get started — and has been teaching online since 1995

  • No application fees
  • No entrance exams
  • Accredited and affordable
  • Terms start frequently
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Personal academic coaching
  • Courses developed by subject experts
  • 200+ transfer-friendly programs

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