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新黄金城xhjc官方网站 in the High School Program

If you're currently enrolled in high school, but you're ready to level up your learning, consider 新黄金城xhjc官方网站 in the High School's dual enrollment program. Our collaborative partnerships with high schools enhance academic opportunities and college accessibility for high school students. Students begin the process of earning early college credits while taking their high school classes.

The advantages to enrolling in 新黄金城xhjc官方网站 in the High School include:

  • Reduced costs - 新黄金城xhjc官方网站 in the High School courses require only a $100 fee for a three-credit course and $25 if a lab is part of the course.
  • Better preparation - Students experience the academic requirements of a university-level course and are better prepared for college by gaining exposure to college expectations and workload.
  • University credits - High school students who've already earned university credits can demonstrate to admission offices that they're capable of meeting the academic demands of university-level coursework.
  • Transfer-friendly - Credits are generally transferable to other colleges and universities (policies vary by school). Credits and grades are earned and recorded on an official 新黄金城xhjc官方网站 transcript at the conclusion of the course(s).

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新黄金城xhjc官方网站 in the High School Dual Enrollment Program FAQs

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